Top Adenas

Below are the players who have the most Adena.
This ranking was updated in 27/10/2020 at 12:36.

Name Clan Adenas Time
LikSel SoulSociety 199.994.432.797 7d, 2h 18m
UJoshU L2Private 199.990.950.995 14d, 22h 31m
Callex DegenerationX 110.792.542.947 9d, 16h 3m
s0fi L2Private 108.589.904.587 11d, 13h 56m
Styx DegenerationX 103.488.741.694 10d, 19h 40m
Blazzt Wehrmacht 102.147.367.346 11d, 2h 25m
XaldebaranX - 2d, 22h 55m
Mistico L2Private 102.095.490.246 11d, 12h 35m
MOHANA L2Private 101.680.387.948 18d, 16h 42m
10º ExaeL L2Private 100.752.309.470 6d, 21h 38m