Basic Information

    Experience Rates: x500
    SP Rates: x500
    Adena: x 100.0

    Enchant Rates

    Safe +4
    Normal Enchant Scrolls for +6 (Rate 100%)
    Blessed Enchant Scrolls for +12 (Rate 80%, Fail Reset for safe)
    Crystal Enchant Scrolls for +16 (Rate 50%, Fail no Reset)
    Divine Enchant Scrolls for +20 (Rate 100%)

    Augmentation & Element Rates

    Top Grade Life Stone lvl 84 90%
    Crystal Stone one click Lv 4 100%

    General Information

    Buff Slots 32+4
    Retail Olympiads +6
    Skills & classes based on retail balance
    Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
    Max subclasses 5
    Epic Boss zones are Chaotic
    .dressme online with varius weapons and armor
    option in .dressme for visible or hide all skins in plays
    .getreward for give bracelet status per 12 hours and skin box

    Custom Features & Information

    Automated Tournament
    TvT, DM & Koth
    Top 10 PvP Rank Reward Weekly
    System Noblesse & Clan Full
    IP Protection Dual Box in Zone Siege and Max 2 character online

    Raid Bosses & Grand Bosses

    50 Bosses 6 hours respawn time
    Custom Epic Boss Acess 1 Epic per day at 21:00 GMT -3

    Territory War & Siege

    Territory War all Saturday 20:00 GMT -3
    Siege all Sunday 16:00 GMT -3
    Max 3 ward per castle